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2013 is our final retail year.

A limited amount of trees will be available due to weather problems the last two years.


Dear Friends,


It is that time again! We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope to see you all at Santa's Forest in what will be our last season in the retail Christmas tree business. We have choose and cut as well as precut trees in limited supply. Supply has been affected by adverse weather conditions over the past few years. We will do our best to accommodate! We would like to say a big "thank you" for all our loyal customers who have been with us over the last 52 years. We have had an unique opportunity to play a part in your holiday celebrations. We have considered Christmas trees to be more than a harvest. They are memories and traditions. Thank you very much for allowing us to be a part of your family's holidays.


God bless, The Schmitt family


Santa's Forest: 


2806 SE 209th Street

Holt, Missouri 64048


Phone: (816) 781-5790

         or (816) 320-2248




Opening day: Friday after Thanksgiving


Hours of operation:  Opening day hours 9-5; weekends only 9-5.


Historically, trees were planted first at Santa's Tree Farm in 1961. 
Santa's forest was begun in 1972 and is now our largest plantation.  Partners in the business were father, L.W. Schmitt; three brothers: Louis Edward, Lynn Allen and Myron Lee Schmitt.


Primary species grown on our plantations are scotch and white pine.  We are adding Cannan fir with the hope of expanding varieties available. Pre-cut, imported firs round out the selection at Christmas.


Although the majority of our business is choose and cut, wholesale trees are available.  Contact us for more details.



Santa's Forest won the 2013 tree contest, decorated and undecorated wreath contests in MO state tree meeting.

Blue ribbon decorated and undecorated wreaths in MO state tree meeting 2011 and 2012.

See our 2009 contest winning wreath and tree


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